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Sum of The Parts - Shantell Martin limited-edition

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Unique artwork combining analog and digital techniques. Created by Shantell Martin and drawn with marker via a digital CNC machine.  

‘Sum of The Parts’ is Martin‘s and Hoek’s biggest undertaking in the collaboration to date. ‘Sum of The Parts’ is comprised of thirteen unique elements which come together to make up a larger art piece.

Each individual element can itself be hung on the wall as a single piece of art, or be utilized as a furniture piece.

Each piece is hand signed by Martin and comes with a unique serial number ensuring the piece is registered to you.

All Shantell Martin limited-edition products have a Certificate of Authenticity that confirms the piece is original and genuine.


Local, sustainably sourced wood.


Varies depending on the piece.


Each piece is made to order by our talented team of craftspeople. Please allow 10 business days for fabrication.

Local Pickup

Pickup available, usually ready in 10+ days

499 Van Brunt Street
Unit 5A
Brooklyn NY 11231
United States

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What's in the box

The Sum-Of-Parts piece goes in a beautiful and customized box with an exclusive Shantell drawing. This piece is hand-signed by Martin and has its unique number what makes it even more special.

All Shantell Martin limited-edition products have a Certificate of Authenticity that confirms the piece is original and genuine.

Precision Machined

PREMIUM DETAILS: Our premium finishes make every piece feel precious. These finishes including: Beveled Edges, Filleted Corners, Glasslike Finish.

MADE IN NEW YORK: Each piece is made to order at our facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

PRECISION MACHINED: Every piece is precision machined allowing for .001" tolerances.

HAND FINISHED: Every piece is hand inspected, and hand finished ensuring the utmost quality.

Our Materials

Sustainably Sourced Plywood

Surfaces are made using a sustainably sourced plywood with hardwood veneer.

High Density Poly Ethylene

Chassis and legs are created using 100% post consumer recycled food grade plastic.

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Modular Design

HOEK adopts a modular design making construction a simply and easy process without the need for tools.


We uses recyclable materials that can be repurposed into the production process. #nowaste

Lifetime Warranty

We are proud of our build quality which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all HOEK products.

Hoek Unpacked

FLAT PACK DESIGN: Allows Hoek pieces to be stored away as one compact unit.

HANG IT UP: When you need more space, hang your Hoek furniture on the wall with the mountable wall cleat included.

RECYCLABLE HDPE: We use high-quality HDPE plastic that allows Hoek products to click together in seconds and stay out of landfills.

SUSTAINABLY SOURCED PLYWOOD: Hoek utilizes locally and sustainably sourced FSC certified plywood.

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