The Story Behind "HOEK"

Hoek founders Conor Coghlan and Brian Chu met while studying Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. After practicing Architecture in New York for a number of years they both decided to start their own design and fabrication firm, A05 Studio.

Since starting A05 Studio, they have had the great fortune to build custom pieces for companies like Google, Facebook and Nike, and are at the very forefront of innovative material and manufacturing techniques.

Conor Coghlan Co-Founder & CEO

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Conor came to the US in 2012. Conor received the Peter Rice Scholarship to the Harvard Graduate School of Design and graduated with a Masters in Architecture in 2015. He then worked for world-renowned Architect Toshiko Mori before founding the design-build firm A05 Studio. Conor was selected as one top emerging designers by ICFF in 2019 and has continued to innovate within the design industry most recently with the development of Hoek.

Brian Chu Co-Founder & COO

Brian graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design with a master's degree in architecture. He has been the lead designer and fabricator for multiple public installations throughout NYC. Before Founding A05 Studio, Brian worked for various architecture firms such as Grimshaw Architects, StudioKCA, RMA, and DDG Partners.

Our Team

  • Sebastian Arroyo Hoebens

    Research and Development

  • Lucas Lafourcade

    Business Development

  • Michael Ferraro

    Head of Product Development

  • Luiza Melo Carneiro

    Chief of Staff

  • Simon Jewett

    Social Media / Marketing Manager

  • Nico Bazan

    Director of Sales

Every Piece Of Hoek Furniture Is Designed In Brooklyn, NYC.

Each HOEK piece of furniture is designed and sampled in Red Hook, Brooklyn by our talented team in our 10,000 square foot warehouse.

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Take an insight into life at Hoek!

Hoek is from A05 Studio. A contemporary design and fabrication studio based in Red Hook. 

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A05 is known for its bespoke design for clients with a focus on detail. Their work spans retail, offices, restaurants, and outdoor public spaces. Having completed work for clients including Drive 21, Greats, Michael Van Valkenburgh, and many more. 

The Hoek System

Red Hook is a neighborhood in northwestern Brooklyn, New York City, New York, once known as South Brooklyn. Dutch settlers initially named “Roode Hoek” Red Hook Brooklyn because of the red landmass that extended into the Hudson River, creating a corner. In dutch, “Hoek” means corner or angle. We chose the name Hoek to pay homage to Red Hook, the part of Brooklyn where Hoek is from, and honor the beautiful angles and corners of our tabletops. 

Our Finishing Process

Our mission is to create beautiful, innovative, accessible furniture that simplifies the way people live.

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