The Future of Flat-Pack Furniture

  • Assemble in seconds

  • Easy to store away or to hang on the wall

  • Easy to disassemble and take it with you

  • Circular Design

Assemble in seconds

  • 1. UNCLIP

    The legs are held in place on the underside of the table in what we call the “chassis.” We utilize the flexibility of the post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic to hold the leg in place through friction. The user can simply unclip the leg from its storage compartment by pulling it upwards.

  • 2. CLICK

    The flexibility of the HDPE is again used in our patent-pending "snap-lock" system. The hook at the rear end of the leg is inserted first, then by simply pushing the leg forward, it clicks into place creating a strong and durable joint.

  • 3. FLIP

    Once you have clicked all the legs into the place you can simply flip the table over and enjoy - that’s it!

Easy to disassemble

  • 1. UNCLIP

    Grab and gently squeeze the hook at the rear end of the leg, then by simply pushing the leg forward it slides right out. Allowing you to collapse your table at any moment.

  • 2. CLICK

    Once you have taken the Hoek joint apart, click the leg back in the "chassis" for hassle-free storage.

  • 3. STORE

    All of our furniture can be collapsed to its original state. Creating, an ultra-slim flatpack that makes storage an absolute breeze.