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The Desk

Work and Create

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Color – Natural Birch & Black
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We believe at Hoek Home that the modern person does not have time to waste assembling their furniture for hours. All our designs require no tools/instructions and assemble in seconds. They inspire, invoke and improve the users life and that is our guarantee to you. The Desk has cable management at the back and is finished with a wood top and recycled legs for a modern look.

Dimensions Diagram

L 47.5" x W 23" x H 30"

Product Weight:
35 lb / 16 kg

  • 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE parts
    Durable and sustainable, Hoek's HDPE components give our furniture its patented SNAP!
  • High-Pressure Laminate Surface
    A low-maintenance material designed to be used for a lifetime, it's scratch and shatter-resistant, as well as waterproof.
  • FSC Certified Plywood Core
    A stable, moisture-resistant wood that is sustainably sourced and manufactured.
Product features
  • No tools one-click assembly technology
  • Portable & space-saving design
  • Wall hanging cleat
  • Durable and sturdy construction
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk
The Desk


"The Swiss Army Knife of Furniture"

Why You Will Love The Desk

  • 1. Easy Assembly

    Our patented ‘Snap-Lock’ system allows you to easily assemble and disassemble your furniture in seconds with no tools, hardware or boring instructions.

  • 2. Portable Design

    Our patented flat-pack system means everything neatly packs into one easy-to-carry piece under 2” thick, so you can take your furniture with you.

  • 3. Wall Hanging

    Every Hoek desk comes with a slim wall cleat allowing you to hang it away when you need some extra space.

  • 4. Sustainable

    All Hoek products use sustainably sourced materials and are designed to be long lasting and durable. They are also designed to be easily repaired.

Life's hard, your furniture shouldn't be

  • No tools required

    Our patented system allows you to snap together your furniture in seconds.

  • 60s

    Assembles in 1 minute

    Go from unboxing to your dream setup in 60 seconds.

  • 2

    Slim, lightweight design

    Revolutionary design makes it easy to set up, take down, move or store away.

  • Space-Saving

    Slim, self-contained design for easy storage anywhere.

  • Circular design

    We've thought about the entire lifecycle, from materials to repair and recycling.

  • lbslbs

    Sturdy and durable

    We use the highest quality materials, and the most durable finishes for long lasting furniture.

Why buy Hoek?

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Less than 10 parts
No tools or hardware required
Assembles/disassembles in 1 minute
Slim, lightweight portable design
Wall hanging
Durable & sustainable materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Joshua Thong
Very easy to assemble

I love this table, it can be hand assembled with zero tools and it looks nice. It's stable enough when you lean on it, it only wobbles if you deliberately shake it.

My desk initially arrived with a defect (one of the leg sockets was facing the wrong direction) but after contacting support, they delivered a replacement at no extra charge.

Vivien Gibson
Stylish And practical

I found the table to be elegant and practical. It’s just as easy to use as the website indicates there was a short delay to delivery, but Hoek were communicative and helpful throughout

Heather Frambach
Extremely pleased

I wanted a desk that was a little bigger, a little sturdier, and modern-looking than my old one, and this really exceeded my expectations. It's gorgeous and extremely easy to snap together, doesn't wobble whatsoever, and it's just the right size and height I was looking for. I agonized over this decision and I couldn't be more pleased, thank you for making an incredible product.


The Desk


Sturdy, easy to assemble (and disassemble), clean look. Very pleased.


Are the different leg heights interchangeable?

YES! All Hoek legs are interchangeable with all Hoek pieces. Use your imagination to transform the furniture as you need, from a round coffee table to a small dining table, or a regular dining table to a low dining table (what the Japanese called "Chabudai").

Can the monitor shelf support 2 monitors?

While we have not conducted formal weight testing on the monitor shelf, it can easily fit and hold 2 monitors with -5 Ibs. each. The monitor shelf is made of FSC Certified Plywood and features a High-Pressure Laminate Surface, ensuring strength and durability.

Is the monitor shelf at an appropriate level for work?

Yes, it is 7 inches above the surface of the desk and designed to be ergonomically efficient.

Can i use the hoek desk accessories on a non-hoek desk?

No. The Desk Accessories (undershelf. monitor shelf. and hook) will only work with the HOEK desk patented system.

What is the furniture's durability and sturdiness like?

HOEK furniture is meticulously crafted with a focus on durability and sturdiness, ensuring an enduring quality suitable for everyday use. Our commitment to longevity means that each piece is designed to withstand the test of time, providing a reliable and sturdy foundation for your living space.