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STACK | Modular Desk Organizer

Keep your desk organized

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Color – Walnut
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STACK is a solid wood, modular Desk Organizer designed to help you focus and regain control of the clutter. It pairs perfectly with a busy desk to keep your set-up clean. Store your smartphone in 'Do Not Disturb' mode for better productivity. 

Walnut Stack will be shipped in August. 

    Dimensions Diagram

    L 8" x W 8" x H 4"

    1 lbs


    CNC machined, sustainably sourced Rubberwood with a Walnut or Birch stained finish.

    Product features
    • Modular sliding & stacking trays
    • Machined solid wood
    • Laser etched cork bottom
    • Do not disturb mode ( Mobile Phone )
    STACK | Modular Desk Organizer


    "The Swiss Army Knife of Furniture"

    Why You Will Love STACK | Modular Desk Organizer

    • Clutter killer

      STACK is designed to house all of your stationary and everyday carry, so you can regain control of the clutter and focus at your workspace.

    •  #color_walnut

      Do Not Disturb

      Trying to focus? Simply slide STACK over to put it in 'Do Not Disturb' mode. Out of sight, out of mind.

    •  #color_natural-birch

      Modular System

      STACK's modular system is based on an 8" x 8" grid so each piece beautifully stacks into the next, or arrange them separately to suit your layout.

    • Anti-spill coaster

      STACK comes with a 4" x 4" piece that works great as a coaster. Its small raised lip prevents any unwanted spills getting on your workspace.

    Life's hard, your furniture shouldn't be

    • No tools required

      Our patented system allows you to snap together your furniture in seconds.

    • 60s

      Assembles in 1 minute

      Go from unboxing to your dream setup in 60 seconds.

    • 2

      Slim, lightweight design

      Revolutionary design makes it easy to set up, take down, move or store away.

    • Space-Saving

      Slim, self-contained design for easy storage anywhere.

    • Circular design

      We've thought about the entire lifecycle, from materials to repair and recycling.

    • lbslbs

      Sturdy and durable

      We use the highest quality materials, and the most durable finishes for long lasting furniture.

    Why buy Hoek?

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    Less than 10 parts
    No tools or hardware required
    Assembles/disassembles in 1 minute
    Slim, lightweight portable design
    Wall hanging
    Durable & sustainable materials

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Looks great and works even better

    Good build quality.
    Looks great
    very functional I love the stacking feature
    Buying another one to mix and match some of the different sizes.

    Overall looks great and has a lot of utility


    So beautifully made. It looks very elegant and unique design. In addition, it is a very functional piece worth every dollar spent on it.

    Brian Vance
    Great Desk Addition

    Perfect for organizing your desk. Ordering the Walnut also.

    Daniel Lopez
    Innovative & Amazing!!!

    I had a bunch of miscellaneous things all over my desk & room that I couldn’t put away because I needed them within reach, so I got these stacks and everything fit into it. It’s an organizing lifesaver. Well made & aesthetic af, highly recommend.

    Julian McKnight

    STACK | Modular Desk Organizer


    Are the different leg heights interchangeable?

    YES! All Hoek legs are interchangeable with all Hoek pieces. Use your imagination to transform the furniture as you need, from a round coffee table to a small dining table, or a regular dining table to a low dining table (what the Japanese called "Chabudai").

    Can the monitor shelf support 2 monitors?

    While we have not conducted formal weight testing on the monitor shelf, it can easily fit and hold 2 monitors with -5 Ibs. each. The monitor shelf is made of FSC Certified Plywood and features a High-Pressure Laminate Surface, ensuring strength and durability.

    Is the monitor shelf at an appropriate level for work?

    Yes, it is 7 inches above the surface of the desk and designed to be ergonomically efficient.

    Can i use the hoek desk accessories on a non-hoek desk?

    No. The Desk Accessories (undershelf. monitor shelf. and hook) will only work with the HOEK desk patented system.

    What is the furniture's durability and sturdiness like?

    HOEK furniture is meticulously crafted with a focus on durability and sturdiness, ensuring an enduring quality suitable for everyday use. Our commitment to longevity means that each piece is designed to withstand the test of time, providing a reliable and sturdy foundation for your living space.